What disciplines are offered?

The universities of the Erasmus Mundus - Al Idrisi II partnership are mostly comprehensive universities that offer a wide range of study fields.

As Erasmus Mundus - Al Idrisi II focuses strongly on regional needs in North Africa, the following specific thematic areas have been identified as priority fields*:

Administrative staff mobility (16.9) is also considered a priority for the Erasmus Mundus - Al Idrisi II partnership.

Important: Applications are possible in any field of study offered by the Erasmus Mundus - Al Idrisi partnership. Candidates applying for a mobility flow corresponding to one of the priority fields, however, will receive extra points during the evaluation phase.

* The numbers in brackets indicate the corresponding EU Subject Code.

Comment: If you would like to read this information for the first edition of Erasmus Mundus - Al Idrisi, please click on the following link: Al Idrisi I: What disciplines are offered?