Al Idrisi - A European mobility project

Erasmus Mundus - Al Idrisi II is a project that provides scholarships for undergraduates, master and doctoral students, post-doctoral fellows, academic and administrative staff. The grants are financed by the European Commission and include a monthly subsistence allowance, travel expenses, insurance costs and tuition fees if applicable. Only mobility flows between North Africa (Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Morocco and Tunisia) on the one side and the European Union on the other side are eligible for funding. The following pages give you an overview of the objectives, the acronym, the logo and the management of the project. For further information about the scholarship scheme, please have a look at the menu items Scholarships and How to apply.

Comment: If you would like to read this information for the first edition of Erasmus Mundus - Al Idrisi, please click on the following link: Al Idrisi I: A European mobility project